Simon Onorato

WannaCry: What is it? Who made it? And what did it do?

Introduction WannaCry is the name of the ransomware that in may 2017 compromised numerous Windows platforms and put a halt on the National Health System (NHS) of the UK for days (Wikipedia, 2022). Because of this piece of software, ambulances were rerouted, and surgery cancelled due to data not being accessible (BBC, 2017). But what […]

Eternal Blue, One of the Most Infamous Exploit.

INTRODUCTION Eternal Blue, an exploit allegedly discovered by NSA’s (National Security Agency) Equation Group and later leaked by the group shadow brokers (allegedly from Russia) (Wikipedia, 2022). This exploit dates back to the early nineties with the introduction of the SMB (Server Message Block) utilized for communication between client and server and created by Barry […]